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Policy & FAQ

Company Information

Name and Headquaters

Helimatography co.

224 Antrim Road,

BT15 2AN Belfast

Northern Ireland

Bank details

Account Number: 66565874

Sort Code: 09-01-28







Realization Period

Each service provided by Helimatography company needs different amount of time to complete order.

Simple pictures and short videos are ready to collect at next day.

Wedding orders and commercial videos takes up to one month before will be ready.

Festivals and simple music videos are ready within 14 working days


All prices are shown with word "from", meaning that final price can be different due to different circumstances such as bigger customer's needs. Price is based on time spent on set of each worker, editing time, difficulty of work and transport costs.

Orders within area over 15 miles from company headquarters require additional transport costs, depending on distance, and size of hired team.

All packages can be changed to match customer's needs



Every booked service is provided with agreement to sign before we start, and receipt for every payment made. Signing agreement will ensure booked service. 

We are reserving right to refuse providing service or product without signed agreement.


Any our service with price above £100 require 50% deposit paid within 7 working days from signing agreement.

Payment Options

Each payment can be made in cash or by card to any of our worker, or through bank transfer to our account (See point 2, company informations.) .

We are not accepting cheques.

Card Payments are operated by iZettle.

Accepted cards: Maestro, Mastercard, Visa credit and debit, American Express, and all contactless payments.

Final Payment

If deposit was paid, the other 50% of total price have to be paid within 14 working days after delivery.

All payments can be break into free of charge rates. T&Cs apply

In case of not received payment within 14 days and not informing us about delays, we are obligated to inform Police Service Northern Ireland which may result with fine and further prosecution.

Final product won't be delivered without signed agreement.


When ordered product is ready, can be delivered through any of options below:

  • Collection in person (free of charge)
  • Hand-delivered by our worker (free of charge)
  • Posted through Royal Mail (free of charge)
  • Posted through courier company (DPD, TNT, FedEx) (Charges apply)

Final products can be delivered on Flash USB stick, DVD, or through internet transfer.

Photographs can be also delivered printed in size chosen by customer.

Pictures are made in final format of JPG/JPEG.

Video are made in final format of MP4 1080p

We are not providing RAW footage. 

Pre-Delivery Show

We are able to organize a show of final product for customers to give them possibility to add any changes.

The show can be made in:

  • Customer's house
  • Rented place such as studio, cinema
  • Company headquarters

International Trade

The company is providing services worldwide under the UK's law.

Transport and accommodation charges may apply.


Cancelling service after signing agreement will be charged with 50% deposit already paid. All other sum will be returned.

Cancelling service before signing agreement is free of charge.

Cancelling service on the date of production will be charged with whole sum already paid. 


To make a complaint you are obligated to contact us with all informations about service booked. 

If our product didn't met your expectations, we are able to return all the payment made with subtraction of our expences to create product.

Example: We charged £100 to create video and you are not happy with our final product. To work on this product we had to spend £10 on travel costs and £5 on materials which means you will get returned £85.

If due to unforeseen circumistances we were unable to provide you product, we return you whole sum paid. (this has never happen)

Skimor Holywood Films

Skimor Holywood Films is a non-profit blog focused on short-films production.

Support is offered to any person willing to create any non-profit short or feature film.

All the support given is free of charge.

Northern Ireland TV

NI-TV is a non-profit blog focused on media and reporting of events.

All pictures and videos created by NI-TV are free of charge.


Helimatography company is providing volunteer vacancies to help young people get involved in filming and photography industry. On the set each volunteer is getting easy unpaid role, for example folding cables or holding light. During breaks volunteering person is guided with using equipment.

All volunteering vacancies are provided with contract.

Information provided by you

If you purchase products or order service from Helimatography we require you to provide customer informations such as name, address, contact number, account details. 

We may subsequently require further details to enable the processing of any orders that you make. 

All informations are kept in secret and can be used in future to grant customers with prizes.


All contests organized by Helimatography company have always different Terms and Conditions which can be found on website published with contest.


We are offering vouchers to buy or to be won as a prize in a contest. Each voucher have usage date due within 6 months from the day of draw/purchase

Virus warning

All care is taken to ensure that all of our websites and data transmissions are free from viruses. However, it is your responsibility to scan any such data for viruses.


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1. How much time do I have to make a payment?

To pay a 50% deposit you have 7 working days from the day of signing agreement. Other amounts must be paid within 14 working day from the day of delivery.

2. How much cost wedding filming?

Our basic package starts from £250 and include Ceremony and First dance

3. Can I pay by card?

Yes! Our workers are holding mobile devices allowing you to make any payment by card or contactless by phone.

​4. How to cancel order?

You can cancel order only before we start working on it. To do it simply contact us by any form. CLICK HERE

5. Hodor?


​6. What are your current offers and promotions?

Follow our Facebook fanpage for fresh info about promotions and contests. CLICK HERE

​7. Can I meet you personally?

Yes! Just contact us and arrange your appoitment in our studio or any other public place such as Cafes.


Helimatography Franchise

Perfect work oportunity for all school leavers. Be a part of our team and gain experience with no upfront costs.
It doesn't matter if you are well experienced or just begining your life journey. 
We will train you to be the best.

What you would get:

  • Documentation - Goverment approved contracts for every work, invoices and receipts. 
  • Lawyer support - in case of any problems you don't have to worry.
  • Safety - Public Liability Insurance + personal and equipment insurance
  • Free access to good equipment - you can borrow pro cameras, rigs etc
  • Cheap access to studios all over UK
  • Support in editing - if you can't edit something, our editors will do it for you.
  • Customer Relations - we speak to customers, signing forms, sending documents, delivering products and solving problems.
  • Free trainings and workshops.
  • Cheapper and sometimes even free services for family and friends
  • Free events - You can go for free to our events.
  • Promotional materials - leaflets, business cards, keyrings, pens, t-shirts etc.
  • Accepting card and contactless payments (from phones).
  • Accepting Bank transfers and cheques.
  • Free transport to and from set.
  • Work in whole European Union (free travels).
  • Well branded company 
  • Everything registred and taxed. 
  • Work on many cool projects.

Don't wait and contact us today